Monday, April 21, 2008


Jerry Downs is a photographer and photojournalist and a
longtime friend from back in the early Boulder days.

He has helped CHALK4PEACE immeasurably.
His viewpoint is compelling; he captures The Moment...
from more than one angle!

He always draws out the best in people and animals;
and even seems to get inanimate objects to smile...

These photos were taken at CHALK4PEACE 2006-07
at the Cragmont Elementary School, Berkeley, CA

His eye for the moment is one of the great visual joys in life.
He brings out the CHALKSTAR in everyone!

Jerry lives in the Bay Area; and he'll be out there once again
to catch artists at the height of their inspiration this September.
To visit Jerry's awesome website,
click on the Title of Today's Posting.

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