Wednesday, April 9, 2008

OLYMPIC TORCH doesn't cross Finish Line...

We ventured down to the Embarcadero in San Francisco today
to wait with global media and thousands of our closest friends
to get a glimpse of the Icon of world sport, the Olympic Torch.
Coming out McCovey Cove at the Stadium, it took a right at Pier
48, got on a bus, resurfaced on Van Ness, ran through the
Tenderloin; and our last report was that it was headed towards
the Golden Gate Bridge, or to the airport.

I went for ONE reason- I had never seen the Olympic Torch.
I went with the naive spirit of doing it to honor Sport.

It feels kind of like telling a kid he's going to get an
athlete's autograph at the big game; and he doesn't show up.
I feel like a sucker for believing I would get to see it.
Sure fooled us, didn't they? Joke's on U.S.

The officials said that it was because there were too many
people down at the route. It was proclaimed a rousing success.
I was not roused.

Regardless of what one thinks of the political situation,
I have seen the symbol that, historically, had caused all
to lay down their arms and suspend their differences to
engage in global athletic competition transform into the
symbol that creates global confrontation.

The Torch belongs to Sport. Not politics.
Pardon me if it makes me sad...
I feel like a kid who didn't get that autograph.

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