Sunday, November 11, 2007

CHALK4PEACE 2007 Bethlehem West Bank

CHALK4PEACE 2007 saw the SOS Herman Gmeiner School,
in Bethlehem, West Bank, join us for an amazing
expression of enthusiasm for peace and art!
SOS Bethlehem is our first known CHALK4PEACE event
in the Middle East, and we are honored to have
them exhibit such enthusiasm when they relate their
visions for a more peaceful future.
Thanks go to Sarah Jayne for her rapid mobilization
and organization of the event.

Saturday, October 6, 2007


St. George's Cathedral, Cape Town, South Africa
Artists from the Community ARTS Therapy programme,
Angela Rackstraw, Director
This is CATh's second year of CHALK4PEACE.
Photo by Gabby van Heerden

Saturday, September 29, 2007

CHALK4PEACE - YOU made IT Stratospheric!

Photo courtesy Louise Foott, Cork City School, Cork, Ireland

As I boarded the plane to Oakland, being away for nine days,
a world of events and experiences took place from coast to coast
and it all was amazing. From the CHALK4PEACE events at the OAS
in Washington and the Arlington Unitarian Universalist Church,
to finding out that Mothers Acting Up, a global activist group
dedicated to the education and protection of little ones, launched
their second CHALK4PEACE event in front of the Boulder Daily
Camera Building on International Peace Day (while I was in town),
this short journey has been as a lifetime in its enlightenment and
experience. To top it off, I visit the Superior Elementary School
in Louisville, Colorado to find that Mike Wojzcuk, the Arts Specialist,
poet and muralist par excel lance, has painted a 30’ peace sign on
their playground that is there for the young artists to chalk up now
every year.
In time, with hundreds such images painted onto the playgrounds
of the world, the curiosity of extraterrestrials who conduct fly-bys
as to the meaning of the symbol may find Planet Earth not quite as
belligerent and neanderthal as their research would initially lead
them to believe. That the organizers step forward to make their
statement about peace more permanent is positively wonderful.
It is doubtful that CHALK4PEACE will ever go away now; it has
become an annual event for many.
The word chalk4peace is becoming part of the lexicon; and the spirit
that drives the project encourages the most creative, the most
thoughtful, the most enlightened educators, and the most
enthusiastic girls and boys, and men and women, for whom
peace is a compelling and necessary part of their present and future.
How cool is all that?
Each day, photographs come in from CHALK4PEACE sites; by mail,
by email…more than 1,200 so far.
If you had an event, we’d love to see it.
New galleries for CHALK4PEACE sites are posted, so you can visit
the events that happened this month around Planet Earth.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

You are are CHALKSTARS!

We have received more than 1,000 photographs
since CHALK4PEACE began on September 14!
Photo courtesy The ART Department, Vallejo, CA

Galleries are posted at

Thanks 4 all your enthusiasm!
Next year's CHALK4PEACE is scheduled for September 19-21, 2008.

Monday, September 17, 2007

CHALK4PEACE is all over your sidewalk!

John traveled to Washington, DC on Sunday the 16th, where he
attended the CHALK4PEACE events of the Organization of
American States; and to Virginia, where the Unitarian
Universalist Church of Arlington covered their walkways with
messages of peace. More than 40 countries and 20 states
were represented with drawn flags and symbols at the OAS.
A rough count of "chalkstars" who visited the OAS to leave their
mark was just under 500.

More than a dozen schools chalked it up around the Beltway
on Friday, only to be washed away by the evening's storm.
Weekend events fared better. Barcroft Elementary did a
beautiful job of transforming their parking lot into a giant canvas.
Several schools in Virginia have developed curricula for the
beginning of the school year to lead up to CHALK4PEACE titled
"TEACH PEACE." They will be sharing this wonderful
information with CHALK4PEACE very soon, so that other
schools can prepare their students to better understand more
about the concept of peace. We have received about 500 photo-
graphs so far; and were made aware of events at schools in
Cork City, Ireland and Bethlehem, Israel.
They will appear at in the coming weeks.
Several California events have already been posted.
Curiously, at the closed up building that used to house the
Museum of Modern ARF, peace symbols in chalk appeared en
masse on the wall where the first chalk painting took place that
led to CHALK4PEACE. The above photo is by Jerry Downs Photography.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

CHALK4PEACE has already begun...CHALK ON!

Planet Earth is NOW being painted the colors of peace.
CHALK4PEACE learned yesterday that the
Hunter's Wood Elementary School in Reston, VA
began their drawings this week, bringing out
two classes a day to chalk their visions in the courtyard.
It is their second year participating in CHALK4PEACE.
The public is invited in on Saturday to see their efforts.
Talk about unbridled enthusiasm! We can't keep up!
They are officially the first site of CHALK4PEACE 2007.
Other Fairfax County Schools include Woodlawn ES,
Fort Hunt ES, Hybla Valley ES, Woodburn Elementary
and Ravensworth Elementary Schools (that we are aware of)...
As Don Rumsfeld would say, "Heavens to Betsy,
peace seems to be breaking out everywhere!"
The first official event on the West Coast is Friday afternoon
at the Valley View Elementary School in Richmond, CA.
The entire school is expected to join in.
If you have a
specific event we don't know about,
please let us know.

Monday, September 10, 2007


What's the buzz? Tell us what's a-happening...
We're receiving numerous conformations of new sites daily!
Radio, television and print are presenting the project
throughout the United States.
Cork, Ireland and Lima, Peru are two new locations!

Our international press release can be downloaded at
your information source for CHALK4PEACE.

Rumor is that Friday, September 14,
the official global kick off date for CHALK4PEACE ,
that perhaps up to one hundred American schools will
Rain or shine! Kids don't care.
They are MIGHTY!

Don't forget to take photos for the global portfolio!
Please send them to

We're doing our best to keep up with global enthusiasm!
But, as you all know, few collective energies are as powerful
as one hundred or more young artists on a playground!
Let's see those peace symbols as big as a football field!
Envision one thousand sites around the world!
Bless you all 4 your part in CHALK4PEACE.
It's just about time to let the kids take over...
It's like nothing you've ever seen..
unless you did it last year!
You are all CHALKSTARS!

With Thanks,

Monday, September 3, 2007


CHALK4PEACE has an official new website
at the same address
that can answer all your questions about the event,
provide you with printed materials about CHALK4PEACE
and show you where it's happening worldwide...
an added feature, the CHALK4PEACE podcast
(now in the ITunes Library)
is an audio update as we approach the time
when we paint the planet the color of peace.
John Aaron