Sunday, November 16, 2014

CHALK4PEACE '14 Gooden School's Day of Peace

A big thank you to 
Maryanne van Voorst 
Ryan, Patty Patano,
Meghan Snyder and 
all of the Gooden
School community 
for their participation 
for the eighth year!
New photos here by 
Meghan of their 
wonderful event...
CHALK4PEACE '14- Gooden School, Sierra Madre CA

Friday, October 31, 2014

Lake Braddock Secondary School CHALK4PEACE '14

Thank you and CHALK ON 
to Lake Braddock Secondary 
School In Burke, VA for 
joining us again to show us
what peace means to you...!
Organizer: Deborah Fitzgerald

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Changes in CHALK4PEACE: St. Thomas, V.I.

Silver Raven, the long time 
organizer of C4P St. Thomas, 
has turned over the reins of 
VI Montressori School and 
Peter Gruber International 
Academy. They will be 
coming November 1st!
Click on the colored links...
FB: VI Montessori School and Peter Gruber Intl Academy
It will be exciting to see the 
creative efforts towards peace 
that this progressive School 
will no doubt bring to 
Thank you Silver Raven 
for all you've done!
CHALK4PEACE 2013 St. Thomas, V.I.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

CHALK4PEACE 2014- Waples Mill E.S. Celebrates its 8th Year of CHALK4PEACE!

For the eighth year, on 
October 1, the Waples 
Mill Elementary School 
of Oakton, VA joined in 
again to CHALK4PEACE.  
100 CHALKSTARS grades 
3-6 shared their artistic 
visions for a more peaceful 
world. Kudos to Educator 
Marilyn Miyamoto and 
parent Sara Holtz for 
Teaching Peace and keeping 
CHALK4PEACE happening 
all these years!
CHALK4PEACE 2014- Waples Mill Elementary School, Oakton, VA
Photo: Sara Holtz

Man of Peace: John Lennon. Today is his birthday...

Yoko Ono will be lighting 
the Imagine Peace Light 
Tower in Reykjavik, Iceland
today to honor what would 
have been John Lennons's 
74th birthday. It will remain 
lit through December 8, the 
anniversary of the day he 
left us. Please visit the link 
below to learn more about 
the Tower and Yoko Ono's 
efforts to expand the concepts 
of peace and the kindness 
of humanity throughout the 
planet. Imagine all the people...

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Some of the best photos of this year's CHALK4PEACE...CHALK ON, GOODEN!

Meghan Snyder of the 
Gooden School took 
these compelling photos 
of their CHALK4PEACE 
event Sept 25. This is the
2014 Facebook gallery. 
We will be incorporating 
them into our C4P Archive 
soon; but for now, since 
you can't wait to see them, 
here they are!
Facebook: Gooden School CHALK4PEACE 2014 photos: Meghan Snyder

October 2: Happy Birthday Mahatma Gandhi

He would have been 
145 years old today...
To learn more about 
this Man of Peace...
Wikipedia: Mahatma Gandhi

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

KSDK: STL religious leaders uniting for peace in Ferguson

St. Louis pastors say 
they are working on a 
plan for peace when the 
Grand Jury delivers their 
decision in the Michael 
Brown case. Things are 
still quite tense in 
Ferguson on top of the 
fact that the Grand Jury 
happens to be under 
investigation for 
misconduct. Farrah Fazal
of KSDK reports....
STL religious leaders uniting for peace in Ferguson

Nobel Laureates Summit Cancelled After Visa Denial to Dalai Lama in S. Africa...

One India News reports 
that the World Summit of
Nobel Laureates, originally 
scheduled later this month 
in Cape Town, South Africa,
has been cancelled because 
of the denial of a visa to 
His Holiness the Dalai Lama.
It will be rescheduled later 
to another country.
This is a developing story....
Nobel laureates summit cancelled after visa denial to Dalai Lama by S. Africa 

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Archives of CHALK4PEACE: 150+ Photo Galleries

CHALK4PEACE has been 
archiving photos, news and 
stories before we launched 
CHALK4PEACE worldwide; 
we have 150+ galleries that 
contain more than 2000 
photos/videos of C4P events 
that have taken place on five 
continents and 40+ countries. 
Many of the photographers 
are recognized professionals 
who freely shared their skills 
with us so we could share
these compelling photographs
with you...

To see the impact that 
CHALK4PEACE  has had 
on Teaching Peace over the 
past decade, visit...

The Photo Archives of CHALK4PEACE and John Aaron
photo: Jerry Downs

Photo: Meghan Snyder
photo: John Aaron

In October, the Birthdays of Three Men of Peace...

As October arrives, let 
us honor the birthdays 
of three men who have 
been indispensable to 
bringing attention to Peace...

October 2:
Mahatma Gandhi

October 7:
Archbishop Desmond Tutu

October 9: 
John Lennon
Thank you all for 
your efforts to bring 
Peace to the world....

Monday, September 29, 2014

The Great Mandala sung by Peter Yarrow and Richie Havens

One of my all time 
favorite anti-war songs...
seems like the thing to 
listen to these days...
"Never forget that the 
goal is Peace"- JA
The Great Mandala by Peter Yarrow and Richie Havens

A great CHALK4PEACE music video of the Crane School's 2008 CHALK4PEACE

From our Archives...
the wonderful music video
created by Paradigm Pictures
for the Crane Country Day 
School's 2008 CHALK4PEACE 
event CHALK4PEACE thanks 
the Crane CHALKSTARS, 
Debbie Williams and Paul 
Westmacott for this great
piece set to the music of the 
Primitive Radio Gods...
YouTube: Archive of CHALK4PEACE 2008 Music video by the Crane School
Photo: Deborah Pietsch

Helping Fundraise for another great cause...The ShobeFest...

The ShobeFest is a music 
festival that just had its 
22nd year of wonderful 
acoustic music from 
around the world on 9/27.
Started by Mike Shobe, 
(pronounced "Show-Bee")
an acoustic aficionado from 
Santa Barbara, Mike put 
together festivals with 
Bruce Dragge, Chili Dave 
and Liz & B.D. in Santa 
Barbara, Carpinteria and Ojai. 
Hani Naser Band

They have included multiple 
Grammy winners and local 
favorites who donate their 
time and talents freely to 
keep the festival strumming 
year after year... Shobe brought 
attention to acoustic music on 
the central coast long before 
"Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?"
Mike passed away in 2011, but 
his musical legacy lives on. As 
he used to say, "Sounds Good!" 
Honeysuckle Possums

Peace, Love, Music and 
Understanding are the words 
of the day and Dave's Chili and 
Paella fed the troops as talent 
from around the world took 
the stage for a foot stompin' 
good time...
Lefty and the Aces

The line up...

A happy Shobefester...

Jumping at the opportunity to 
help raise money for a great 
cause, I am honored to have 
created the image for this year's 
t-shirt. Since there is no charge 
to attend, annual support is 
generated with the help of 
imaginative designs by well 
known local artists. 
A big fan of Hope & Justin...

Something about the ShobeFest gets people sweet...

The "Air Uke" design raised a 
lot of money for the event as 
festival goers made generous 
contributions towards their 
favorite t-shirts, sweat shirts 
and tote bags.

Thank you to everyone involved
in this year's ShobeFest, and to 
those who came to enjoy and 
reminisce about past Fests... to
NewbieFesters and especially 
to Earthtrine Farm for the blessed 
venue. "Sounded good!"
Thank you BD & Liz for your generosity...!

How to say "Peace" in Italian..."Pace"

It is pronounced "Pah-Che"
It looks like Pace, but it's 
two syllables..."PAH-CHE!"
Now you know how to say 
Peace in Italian! PACE!

CHALK4PEACE '14: The Gooden School's 8th year!

Update to this post...
The International Day of 
Peace just sent a #PeaceHug 
to the great CHALKSTARS 
of Gooden!

The Gooden School of 
Sierra Madre, CA knows 
how to Teach Peace! Their 
8th annual CHALK4PEACE
took place on Sept. 25, 2014.
These young CHALKSTARS
took matters into their own 
hands as they covered the 
sidewalks of the campus with
their imaginative visions and 
messages of peace. Gooden, 
you ROCK and you CHALK!
Thank you for your spirit and 
hospitality! Click on the aqua link
to see the photo gallery and story.
CHALK4PEACE '14: The Gooden School

John Aaron with Gooden School CHALKSTARS photo: Mariane van Voorst Ryan

Sunday, September 28, 2014

The International Day of Peace

The International Day of 
Peace, by UN proclamation,
is observed on September 21 
worldwide. Gatherings of all 
manner through art, music, 
dance, meditation, marches, 
and prayers for Peace take 
place on that day; with 
additional events (like 
happening throughout 
September and October to 
honor the world's efforts 
towards Peace. Keep up with 
the International Day of 
Peace year round at this link.
After all, Peace is something 
to dwell upon 365 days a year...
The International Day of Peace website
Clown and Clown Festival CHALK4PEACE, 2011                                                             Monte San Giusto, IT  photo: Gabo Claun

One of our mightiest CHALKSTARS...

One of our mightiest 
The Gooden School...

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Believe in Peace: Never Give Up...

Wise words from the 
Dalai Lama...

International Alert: Archbishop Tutu's Message for the International Day of Peace 2014

From International Alert, 
a thoughtful piece that 
encourages a shared vision 
for Peace and the positive 
power of words by 
Archbishop Desmond Tutu...
Youtube: Archbishop Desmond Tutu's message for the International Day of Peace 2014

Heading down to the Gooden School to CHALK ON!

The Gooden School, Sierra 
Madre, CA will conduct its 
7th CHALK4PEACE event 
9/25/14. brief convocation 
of some history of the peace 
movement initiates the school 
day, followed by the chalking 
across the campus. Gooden 
has long been a most 
enthusiastic participant in 
CHALK4PEACE, with some 
of the most thoughtful team 
efforts shown in their drawings.
Gooden shows that mentoring
and teamwork are keys to Peace.
We look forward to once again 
attending their event.
photo: CHALK4PEACE, Inc.

photo: Meghan Snyder

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The inspiring photos of CHALK4PEACE '14: Groveton E.S., Alexandria, VA

In Alexandria, VA on 9/19,
the Groveton (E.S.) Tigers 
celebrated their 7th year of 
CHALK4PEACE and the 
International Day of Peace
with more than 800 young 
artists of all ages showing the 
world, with chalk, what peace 
means to them....CHALK ON,
Thank you to Marielle Mariano, 
East Coast C4P Coordinator, 
has guided the Tigers and so 
many other C4P teams over 
the years... 
CHALK4PEACE '14- Groveton E.S., Alexandria, VA 9/19
photo: Marielle Mariano
photo: Marielle Mariano

Monday, September 22, 2014

On the International Day of Peace at the Sacred Space

On Sunday 21 Sept., at 
the Sacred Space in 
Summerland, CA, 
created a chalk painting 
meditation of the Buddha 
to honor the International 
Day of Peace and to 
practice CHALK4PEACE.
As an event, it raised the
awareness of #PeaceDay
for many of the visitors to 
the Sacred Space. The 
image was created in about 
two hours; after which I 
held a brief meditation to 
ask the heart of the world 
to become more open to the 
concept of peace on earth.
photo courtesy of Summer Barnett

photo courtesy of Sharon Hall