Thursday, September 11, 2014

To honor 9/11, CHALK4PEACE highlights one of our most enthusiastic champions of Peace...

Groveton Elementary School 
in Alexandria, VA will again 
celebrate CHALK4PEACE
on September 19, 2014 to 
honor the International Day 
of Peace, Sept. 21. Groveton's 
arts educator, Marielle Mariano, 
long time artist and East Coast 
Coordinator for CHALK4PEACE, 
has organized scores of C4P 
projects, including events at the 
Dr. MLK Jr. Memorial Library, 
DC and the Smithsonian 
American Art Museum and 
National Portrait Gallery. 
Marielle, her colleagues and 
students are CHALKSTARS 
and PEACEMAKERS in the 
truest sense of the words!
CHALK4PEACE 2013 Groveton E.S.
Photos: Marielle Mariano, Nikki Bove' Oditt, Ant Noel, Markeen Sutter

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