Monday, September 15, 2014

CHALK4PEACE: Tips to make your C4P event fantastic!

Handy tips (our "how to...")
This advice applies more to 
public events than to C4P 
events taking place on 
School, Library or Museum 

-Make sure you have 
secured the site you are
planning to draw upon, 
if it’s a public space.
Talk to the city, county 
or the property owners.

- Make sure no laws such 
as trespassing, destruction 
or defacing of property are 
violated. No acts of civil 
disobedience are allowed.
Special permits may be 
required at certain locations. 
CHALK4PEACE is a law 
abiding event. This is NOT 
a protest. This is a positive
progressive event 4 peace.

-Check your location surface. 
Is it a place that where chalk 
will work? Many surfaces will 
work, except for polished 
marble and real crummy 
asphalt or concrete.  

If you can...Prep the site by 
sweeping or washing it a day 
or two prior to the event. You 
don’t want kids trying to draw 
through dirt and other junk. 
Your County/City street 
cleaning operations may be 
willing to help.

-Share your plan with your Police 
Department. Let them know. 
They are there to keep you safe.
-Tell the local business owners. 
They may help. 

The propose of CHALK4PEACE 
is to bring people together to 
visualize Peace. This happens 
worldwide and has for 9 years.
These tips will help make sure 
your event is a great success, and 
may encourage to create their own 
CHALK4PEACE events in the future!
A recommended CHALK4PEACE project: The big Peace symbol

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