Wednesday, September 12, 2007

CHALK4PEACE has already begun...CHALK ON!

Planet Earth is NOW being painted the colors of peace.
CHALK4PEACE learned yesterday that the
Hunter's Wood Elementary School in Reston, VA
began their drawings this week, bringing out
two classes a day to chalk their visions in the courtyard.
It is their second year participating in CHALK4PEACE.
The public is invited in on Saturday to see their efforts.
Talk about unbridled enthusiasm! We can't keep up!
They are officially the first site of CHALK4PEACE 2007.
Other Fairfax County Schools include Woodlawn ES,
Fort Hunt ES, Hybla Valley ES, Woodburn Elementary
and Ravensworth Elementary Schools (that we are aware of)...
As Don Rumsfeld would say, "Heavens to Betsy,
peace seems to be breaking out everywhere!"
The first official event on the West Coast is Friday afternoon
at the Valley View Elementary School in Richmond, CA.
The entire school is expected to join in.
If you have a
specific event we don't know about,
please let us know.

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