Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Archives of CHALK4PEACE: 150+ Photo Galleries

CHALK4PEACE has been 
archiving photos, news and 
stories before we launched 
CHALK4PEACE worldwide; 
we have 150+ galleries that 
contain more than 2000 
photos/videos of C4P events 
that have taken place on five 
continents and 40+ countries. 
Many of the photographers 
are recognized professionals 
who freely shared their skills 
with us so we could share
these compelling photographs
with you...

To see the impact that 
CHALK4PEACE  has had 
on Teaching Peace over the 
past decade, visit...

The Photo Archives of CHALK4PEACE and John Aaron
photo: Jerry Downs

Photo: Meghan Snyder
photo: John Aaron

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