Monday, October 25, 2010

CHALK4PEACE the Song...

CHALK4PEACE, Inc. is the 501(c)(3) non profit organization
that guides and coordinates CHALK4PEACE worldwide.
The Crane Country Day School, Santa Barbara, CA US
has been documenting their CHALK4PEACE event each year
with a musical video since they joined the project in 2008.
This Paradigm Pictures production was set to the original song,
CHALK4PEACE, written and sung by John Aaron,
Founder and CEO of CHALK4PEACE, Inc.
Video: Paul Westmacott, Paradigm Pictures
photos: Will Frederick, Teresa Pietsch, Angela Rackstraw

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Written and performed by John Aaron
Produced by Raymond Powers
Engineer : TJ Russell
CHALK4PEACE Chalkstar Band
John Aaron - vocals, acous. guitar
Aaron Farber - acous. guitar
Julija Zonic - vocals
TJ Russell - elec. guitar, bass
Raymond Powers - vocals, percussion, keyboards

Download of this song is available at

Since 2006, CHALK4PEACE has decorated more than 50 miles
of sidewalk with messages and visions of peace.

Please send your CHALK4PEACE photos to

Thank you to Crane Country Day School:

Peace resides in all of us...

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