Sunday, March 21, 2010

Notes on the Formation of a Department of Peacebuilding

CHALK4PEACE draws on the sidewalks of the world to express visions
and messages of peace. In some places, drawing on the sidewalk
with chalk is still against the law, punishable by stiff fines. Other
places, people have to get 24 hour permits to participate in such
an arts action. I choose to think that a Dept. of Peacebuilding
will advocate the relaxing of municipal ordinances nationwide
that classify chalk art as a form of graffiti to pave the way for
CHALK4PEACE to become an accepted public expression about peace.
Some might ask, "Is this really a significant issue?"
The fine for chalk drawing on the sidewalk in NYC is $350 or more.
If you draw on the sidewalk there, you're an outlaw?
Who's going to break it to the kids...?
CHALK4PEACE is in support of the formation of a Department
of Peacebuilding.
We are pleased to see that it was one of
the Top Ten Ideas voted on at

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