Monday, April 20, 2009


Tis the Season 4 Sidewalk Chalk Drawing; and
CHALK4PEACE encourages your artistry at Berkeley's
EARTH DAY Celebration at Civic Center Park this
Saturday April 25 from 11 to 5 as we get together
to "Leave Our Message 4 Mom" to show our support
for Mother Earth and for healing the planet...
Join us in Berkeley this weekend for one of the
premier celebrations of EARTH DAY in 2009.


Chalk Drawings 3d Chalk Artist said...

This is… 3d Chalk Paintings
Wow, I never thought anybody could do that! Does it actually look like that when you stand there for real, or does the effect only appear in photos? Because, wouldn’t it look all flat in real life?

John Aaron said...

I worked on a black light project
for a museum a couple years back where 3-D glasses made the flattened color field become three dimensional. I guess it's something to do with the paint/chalk and the glasses combo.
It does look flat w/o the glasses.
They'll never top the REAl art...